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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a project scheduled is simple!  Just reach out to your Home Manager and they will take it from there.
Whatever is best for you, email, phone, or text.
We can help with many types of repairs, renovations, and regular maintenance projects.  Just reach out to your Home Manager to let them know.  Common maintenance projects include pressure washing (driveways, hardscapes, patios, decks, etc.), gutter cleaning / roof blowing, window cleaning,  house washing (soft wash), carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, dryer vent and bathroom vent cleaning, pest control, HVAC service plan, Tile/Grout cleaning and sealing, chimney service, and more.  Common exterior repair projects include exterior rot, siding, fence, deck, trim, door, window, soffit, fascia, porch, handrail, steps, etc.   Common interior repairs include appliance repair, drywall, trim, baseboard, molding, tile, grout, handyman tasks, etc.  Renovation projects range from kitchen and bathroom, deck, porch, flooring, lighting, etc.
Your Home Manager will serve as your primary point of contact.  Your Home Manager will work with you to create a custom, annual maintenance schedule for your home and will coordinate and ensure that each service is completed.  In addition to your regular maintenance services, your Home Manager will help you with any repair or renovation project you have.  All services are performed by vendors in our extensive vendor network.
The cost for your Custom Annual Maintenance Plan will vary depending on the services that you choose.  Once your annual plan is set, the cost is divided evenly for the year and you pay one, simple monthly fee for all of the services that you chose.  Individual repairs and renovation projects are priced separately outside of your yearly plan and vary depending on the nature of the project.
There are no additional charges for the maintenance services that are included in your Custom Annual Maintenance Plan, those are covered under your monthly payment.  The cost of additional maintenance services (outside your plan), repairs and renovation projects will vary depending on the service and project.  Your Home Manager will work with you to finalize the scope and price of every project before the project begins.

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