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Digs is the easiest way to maintain your home.

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Customize Your Plan

Create a customized yearly home maintenance plan in minutes.

We Automate It

We automate your custom, yearly home maintenance plan and see the plan through from scheduling to completion.

All In One Place

All your home maintenance under one account with automated scheduling and one simple monthly bill.

Sample Annual Maintenance Plan

Essentials Annual Maintenance Plan

House Wash

1 per yr

Roof Blowing / Gutter Cleaning

2 per yr

HVAC Service Plan

2 per yr

Pest Control

Quarterly or
Every other month

Pressure Wash

1 per yr

Window Cleaning (Exterior & Interior)

1 per yr

Dryer Vent Cleaning

1 per yr

Additional Services

Chimney Service

1 per yr

Landscape Maintenance


Mosquito Spray

7x per year
(April- October)

Duct Cleaning

Every 3 yrs

Shower – Tile & Grout Cleaning

1 per yr

Floor – Tile & Grout Cleaning

1 per yr

Carpet Cleaning

1 per yr

Rug Cleaning

1 per yr

Digs Example Calendar

What should you expect to spend on maintenance each year?

On average, homeowners spend approximately 1% of their home value on maintenance and another 1-3% on repairs and renovation projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

After creating a custom, Digs VIP Annual Plan and maintenance schedule for your home, your Digs VIP Support Team will coordinate and ensure that each of your services are completed. Using the Digs app, you can view your plan and schedule. You can add additional services to your plan at any time.
The cost for your Digs VIP Annual Plan will vary depending on the services that you choose. Once your Digs VIP Annual Plan is set, the cost is divided evenly for the year and you pay one, simple monthly fee for all of the services that you chose. Individual repairs and small projects are priced separately outside of your yearly plan and vary depending on the nature of the project.
Whatever is best for you, email, phone, or text.
Adding services to your Digs Annual Plan is easy. Just reach out to your Digs VIP Support Team (phone, email, or text).

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